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Non-profit War Child helps and empowers children and young people in war-effected areas through community-based programs that strengthen their psychological and social development and well-being. The organization's strong brand is gaining ground both nationally and internationally. They wanted their fundraising to reflect this through a strong online campaign. Thus began our collaboration in October 2009 with the War Child Friendship Store. From then on we've been working on several rewarding and successful online projects.

The War Child Friendship Store is an online store that sells friendship in a box - a symbolic gift of friendship that in reality supports children of war. Supersteil created an entire online sales tool within a unique campaign site - stunning and detailed, with smooth animation, interactive brand experience and social media implementation. Even with little time and assets, our 100% dedication meant a successful online campaign with powerful results.

The virtual Friendship Box was created in Papervision, allowing site visitors to virtually moving the box around before ordering online through a full web shop model. The site also incorporated various social media tools such as Twitter, Hyves and Facebook in order to help spread the word. All Tweets with hash tags about friendship where presented in a strongly visualized feed that brought the campaign to life. More than 40.000 people were reached by re-Tweeting from the site. 25% of all sales went trough the online channel - quite gratifying considering we were competing with five shop-in-shop stores at Bijenkorf and Schiphol Airport. Friendship has never been so rewarding.

War Child
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