Syntens Serious Gaming

Are you an entrepreneur who's always looking for the next big thing? Do you get the most out of your network? Then it's time to contact Syntens. Syntens' network makes your company better with the right knowledge and resources so that your company can innovate in any possible way. Syntens knows exactly how and with who you have to work to create successfully new business.

Syntens wants to help the creative sector with positioning their own company by creating an customized, original and unique elevator pitch. Within five steps the creative entrepreneur creates an online portfolio that will help distinguish. How does it work? First you choose the category you're working in. Then you create a profile. The next thing you do is add projects you have been working on. Eventually you choose videos and music and then your elevator pitch is finished.

Companies can create their own elevator pitch in a playful and easy way. The creative entrepreneur can use this result, which appears as a movie at the and of the 'game', to present themselves. The Syntens Serious Gaming also contains the possibility of sharing with your network. Besides the amazing result, the game allows companies consciously think about their business.

Advies/Consultancy, Development, Games & videos, Webdesign
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