Kanzi Apple

How more of a satiating experience can you get than creating a website about Kanzi - the freshest, juiciest, crispiest apples on earth - in collaboration with Rotterdam-based ad agency DoCompany. Together, we were able to take the Kanzi apple experience to the online and offline world.

With Kanzi being the top fruit brands in the Greenstar Kanzi Europe GKE line, we knew it had to be the star of the show. So we wanted site visitors to have an experience so strong, they could almost taste it. We not only reproduced the apples beauty in the design, we added its story: where it comes from, great recipes, and original facts. Last but not least, we prepared it for a European-wide roll-out."

Using a unique combination of Flash, 3D artwork (for the apple) and Aftereffects video, the site brings the visitor on a journey from the moment the Kanzi falls from the tree to when it lands on the ground. The experience is highly stimulating and literally leaves mouths watering, thanks to special freeze-frames that produce images associated with the taste sensation. Upon the apple's landing, the visitor is greeted with more interactive experiences such as recipes and downloads. Kanzi has now reached the taste buds of several countries such as Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Denmark, as well as the Netherlands - and with an average visiting time of 4 minutes, it seems to be a nourishing experience for all.

Kanzi Apple
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